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Oh Woe to me. Pain hath become mine once more!

Oh it’s that time again, when I’ve been rendered an invalid (well this time for a shorter period). I have pulled ligaments in my foot. What is it with me and ligaments? They sure don’t like me. First I broke my ACL, now I’ve pulled my foot’s ligaments. Oh Murphy. You such are a bastard, you know that?

Sigh, this is what happened. I have a black kitten, called Kahlua (I named him this cos of the fact that my last black cat was named Cognac, and I wanted to have a set of alcohol-named black cats. So anyways, this Kahlua bites. He does it with love (I hope he does), but he does bite and they sting especially when he goes for your ankles and the soft skin that trace over your veins and such.

He lunged at me to bite my ankle, I jumped back. when I came crashing down on the ground, my left foot had turned and I came crashing down on the foot sideways, with all my weight on it and I heard the insides of my foot go “screeeeccchh”. Pain, searing pain was all I felt. I was home alone, except for the cat who circled me. I felt like prey. But it didn’t bite me, maybe it sensed my pain. Nevertheless, I couldn’t get up, and I couldn’t get to my phone, so I did what I was supposed to do. First aid! I crawled on my belly to the kitchen, used my strength to hoist myself up to the freezer, grabbed the ice trays and I came down again, and I started slamming the trays downwards to unlodge the ice cubes from the tray. I placed on ice cub on the quickly-swelling-foot and then looked around for a bag. Thankfully, there was a bag around. I put more ice into the bag and applied the bag on the swollen left foot. I hopped on my good leg to the sofa and lay there with a bag on my foot for an hour. That’s when my foot felt better so I hopped around to find my phone and a bandage and then I started making calls and tweeting incessantly about the pain.

I tried to ride the wave of pain out, but 3 hours later, the pain magnified. It was time to go to the doctor. And painfully (alone), I made my way down the stairs, and waited for Tharindu’s driver to come take me to the hospital, hobbled in and hobbled out, every step as painful (or more) than the last. Got to the  of Park Hospital, a lovely smiling Dr. Yapa greeted me and he poked, I yelped, and so he told me, your ankle is fine, however the arch of your foot, not so much. You’ve bent it inwards with the fall and you’ve pulled your ligaments throughout. Sigh. He had an attendant (also smiling) apply this numbing gel, which didn’t numb me at all. I think I have tolerance to all these things. And then prescribed me lots of painkillers and a gel to apply, and we had another chat about this other medical worry I had and sent me off. I thanked him profusely. And I wobbled to the pharmacy and off home.

No one at home again, so I hobbled upstairs and got into bed. I had to eat to take the meds. All “after meals” meds, they were. So I made an egg sandwich, hobbling on my good foot, wincing in pain when a wrong move sent searing red-hot pain down to my nerve endings and giving me a headache.  So I ate it in silence, and then hobbled to bed, took my medication, wondered who taught the nurse at Park Hospital to bandage dress patients cos it wasnt right. Waited for the meds to kick in. It took my tummy 3 hours. 3 hours I waited for the bloody meds to kick in. After that I was drugged and glorious. Euphoric about the diminished pain and I went off to dream about two people that I rather not discuss. All I can say is my mind is very very weird.

That is all.

Also, watch where you go. And remember that you are NOT a cat and you don’t always land (correctly) on all fours(or twos). Sigh.


Tears Over Coffee

Part I of Kinship of Spirit

The door bell rang. Miths made her way through her apartment’s living area, towards the door, and looked through the peep hole. She saw a familiar head of hair, looking downwards. The curls were slightly visible, she knew who that was. Christy.

She unbolted the door, opened it and held it slighty ajar with her hand on the inside knob. Christy raised her head, at the suddenness of the door opening. She stood there, in her jeans, button down shirt, heels and the over-sized handbag she lugged around with her. She looked as if she’d gotten there in a hurry. She had forgotten to apply her coat of lip gloss, something she always does, though she’d forgotten it now. Miths slowly looked at her watch. It was past 1 o’clock. “Wasn’t she supposed to be at work?”, she thought.