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Laptops & Power Outages

I own a Compaq 610 (dubbed Podi Maya) and I have had it for about less than 2 years. It’s been reliable so far, since the demise of my earlier laptop, Panik, I have solely relied on it to be my source of EVERYTHING. BUT, as of late, I have found out that the battery has gone kaput. Well, I realised that the battery had gone kaput about 6-9 months ago, because when I remove the cable, it only would stay ‘alive’ for 30 minutes and it would die. Before this started happening, it stayed on for 3 hours, which made me quite happy. It’s a good laptop, and for the price that I got it for, it was a deal ($750).

My only issue is that, due to the battery issues, the laptop is no more a laptop and is quite plugged in (to the matrix? Sorry I had to put that there). A new battery would cost a good 20k(LKR). When the power cable went bust and a new one cost me 16k (LKR). What I was wondering, was whether this is a model issue or just a HP issue (cos I had the same thing with my earlier HP laptop). Also had the cable to the earlier HP Laptop go bust, and then the battery. Or is it that the fluctuations in Electricity available in Sri Lanka is so unstable, due to the unforeseen power outages that it makes my electrical appliances go bust. I do have a trip switch which goes off at times like those, but are there sneaky attempts that go unseen? Also, the fact that I use so many multi plugs and extendable power cords to reach my desk, could that be it? I don’t know. I need a working laptop and I don’t want electricity playing havoc on my babies 😦

All I know is that all my work goes bust when the lights go off and sometimes I get the Autosaves and sometimes I don’t. I just got in trouble because I had sent the wrong copy of a document I had corrected but it hadn’t saved when the power went bust, and I thinking it was the right one, cos I ‘thought; I saved it, sent it right away. Darn.

Yeah, I think I should either scrounge up the cash for a new battery or even a new laptop. (Sad)


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  1. Sabby

    It’s a HP issue. It happened to my laptop about a year ago but then it stayed on for about 20min before dying on me. Now as soon as the power cable is taken out, the laptop shuts down. So annoying. HP’s may be pretty but I won’t be getting another one again. Steering clear of HP and Acer. Toshiba’s are fantastic (my first lappy lasted me 5 years, no fuss!).

    And awwwww, Podi Maya! 😀

    October 27, 2011 at 9:28 am

    • I think I will get a Toshiba. Thar’s is a Toshiba, and its been good to him so far. Till some idiot kept something heavy on his bag and it hurt his screen (though still working). Toshiba’s are pretty sturdy.

      OMG I’m jumping ship. Lots of that happening as of late!

      October 27, 2011 at 9:42 am

  2. Laptop batteries are definitely not known for their longevity. You even get a lower warranty period for the battery (1 year for me out of the 3 years that the laptop is covered)

    But now you say it I realize that this is the third hp laptop I’ve heard of where the battery went bust. Maybe it’s because of a manufacturer fault – or maybe it’s because there are a whole lot of hp laptops out there 🙂

    Anyway glad that you are steering clear of hp. I personally feel that they are poor quality products that are overrated due to their brand name.

    October 27, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    • Longevity is something I look for when I purchase items that are to be used in high frequency and come with an equally high price tag. So, yeah, based on experiences of other similar HP users, I guess it’s a common thing. Not very hardy. OH, I forgot, how I have NEVER been able to use headphones, cos the audio is just geared to the speakers. Quick annoying. Will look high and low for a better model for my next (and most likely upcoming purchase which would most likely be a Toshiba).

      🙂 Thanks for dropping in and giving me your input!

      October 27, 2011 at 1:41 pm

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