Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Tears Over Coffee

Part I of Kinship of Spirit

The door bell rang. Miths made her way through her apartment’s living area, towards the door, and looked through the peep hole. She saw a familiar head of hair, looking downwards. The curls were slightly visible, she knew who that was. Christy.

She unbolted the door, opened it and held it slighty ajar with her hand on the inside knob. Christy raised her head, at the suddenness of the door opening. She stood there, in her jeans, button down shirt, heels and the over-sized handbag she lugged around with her. She looked as if she’d gotten there in a hurry. She had forgotten to apply her coat of lip gloss, something she always does, though she’d forgotten it now. Miths slowly looked at her watch. It was past 1 o’clock. “Wasn’t she supposed to be at work?”, she thought.

“Hi…” said Christy meekly. “Shay said you were sick, everything alright?” she said fumbling with her phone.

Yeah, it was just a migraine, it’s gone now, downed a flunerine. Feeling better now. Yeah…hmm thanks” Miths replied, a tad apprehensive. “Why are you here Christy?”

Christy looked up from her phone and looked at Miths. She knew that they hadn’t spoken in a while. Ever since Miths had told her about herself, she had kept avoiding her, and finally, Miths had understood and had told Christy that she didn’t need not be her friend after what she had confided in her. It was human nature to abandon what they didn’t understand and that she would be fine, eventually, even without her favourite companion and confidante.

“I just wanted to see how you were Miths” answered Christy in a barely audible tone.

“You could have called, I see that you do have your phone with you” Miths said exasperatingly.

Christy looked at her and cocked her head sideways, looked down the hallway and saw some people approaching. “Can I at least come in?” she asked, hopeful that Miths would at least be open to her company, despite the lack of communication between them.

Miths sighed, and nodded whilst opening the door fully and making room for Christy to enter her homely yet bizarre apartment. Christy’s eyes went to the black curtains and the name sign on her wall. The neon sign, which was purple when lit, was still there. Despite the hiatus from her life, Miths hadn’t thrown out the birthday gift Christy had gotten her for her 22nd. She smiled to herself, knowing that there was still a little hope of forgiveness that she could channel. She walked towards the beige sofa, laid her green satchel handbag on the floor next to it, and she sat down. Slinking back into the comfort of the sofa, she looked at Miths, who was making her way towards the living area, with what looked like a steaming mug.

“I was making coffee anyway” she said, handing over the purple mug to Christy.

Christy took it from her, with a look of gratefulness and relief. She hadn’t expected Miths to be so calm about her re-entry into her life. It had been nearly two months, and she was acting like nothing ever happened before her unexpected departure. She really wanted to, no, needed to bring it up, to justify why she left, why she didn’t stay like she really wanted to. She needed Miths to know why. She had nothing to lose, and the reason she had left all her corporate worries behind this day, was because she couldn’t put it aside any longer.

“Listen Miths, I did come here to see how you were, but I think more importantly, it may be because I had something I wanted to tell you, something I needed for you to know” she started.

Miths sat down in front of her, a coffee table separating the two of them. The fan above them whizzed in circles, making Christy’s hair dance every few seconds. She took her own purple mug to her lips, and drank a sip. While she let the coffee take her frigidity and apprehension away, she sighed. She understood why Christy was here today, she knew the matter-of-fact tone in her voice. She was here on business, and she let her guard up again. Slowly, setting her mug down on the mahogany table. She brought her hands to her face, and wiped away whatever invisible mask she had on. After letting out another sigh, she placed her chin on her hand and nodded towards Christy, who was watching her every move.

I know I haven’t been around…”

Miths sighed, Christy felt the pain in her heart, and it caused hurt to herself

“… and I have no words to tell you how truly sorry I am. I know I haven’t responded to any of your calls, texts or emails, and I know that you feel that I was punishing you, your last email said a lot, but I assure you I wasn’t…” she continued.

Miths got up hastily, and took two steps towards Christy and knelt next to her, and raised her chin, and looked into her eyes. Her Amethyst contact lenses didn’t do her beautiful natural brown eyes justice. She sighed and said “Look Christy, I guess what I told you, made you uneasy. I can understand. I’m not a complete moron and seriously, I’m used to this. With all the differential treatments I’ve had to endure in the past, this comes to me quite naturally. I have a thick skin, don’t worry yourself about it.” With that, she started to get up and walk back to her seat.

Christy took hold of Miths’s hand, before she had gotten up and held it looking up at her. “Miths, that’s not why I stayed away…” she said. Miths turned, and knelt down in front of her, and took Christy’s hand in her own and looked in her eyes. “Then why did you? It’s not something that is so unfamiliar nowadays Christy, everyone at least knows one person in a crowd of ten, who’s been through what I’ve been through and have become someone like me. Why did you leave? That’s the only thing I couldn’t understand, was you leaving. After all the good times we had, wasn’t that important to you Christy?” she asked, pleadingly looking into the other’s eyes.

While Christy stared into those brown piercing eyes, she noticed, the gray rim around Mith’s a chocolate brown lenses. She took the short haired girl’s hands in her own, and continued looking at her. She gulped, slowly, and tried to put out the words that lay on the tip of her tongue, the same words that had been ever present in her mind the last few months.

It wasn’t you… it…” she started and with that Miths suddenly pulled away whilst saying “yeah right…”.

“Listen Miths, it’s not easy for me to talk about this, I’m not like you, with all your battle scars, I’m not at strong as you are. You can take anything the world throws at you, whether it’s the bullying, the snide comments everyone makes. I can barely even get through my work life. I needed a little peace, was that a lot to ask for. I know I didn’t ask that from you, but you had to know I had a reason for not being able to face you. See darling…” she took Miths’s left hand and placed it on her cheek, “…I care for you more than I can handle, and that scares me, I can’t take it, the more I try to fight it, the more I get even more entangled in it all…”

in it all? what do you mean…?” Miths looked even more puzzled. “You know how much I care for you… there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, and you just took it all, my heart and broke it, why Christy?”

“I…. it was because… because… I cared for you… I love you Miths, more and more each passing day. But, I fear it’s not the love that a best friend, a sister should feel… I think I feel more for you.. and that scared me, it still scares me, because if you didn’t feel the same in return, you might have left me, and I couldn’t have handled that, so I left, before you could ever leave me…” said Christy hurriedly, before the butterflies took over her stomach, before the anxiety hit the alarm button, before she her mind took control of her words and spoke no more. She turned her head upwards, Miths’s soft hand till on her cheek, and suddenly now looking into Miths eye’s a warm rush took over her.

The short hair on Miths’s face kept dancing to the breeze from the overhead fan. Christy raised her hand towards her face, and while the other girl was leaning towards her, she brushed them off her face.

“Christy, sometimes I really wish you would tell me things sooner… You could have told me, and then I could have told you…” she said whilst cupping Christy’s face with her other hand and leaning towards her “… that the feeling …” she continued and placed a soft kiss on her soft pink naked lips “… is quite mutual…” she said, apprehensively smiling to the girl who sat on her sofa, with her closed eyes, that shed a tiny tear.

I’d like to thank Dili for his help in proofing the above, as well as thank him, Sabby and Unsilent for the encouragement. Love you Guys.

Part II of Kinship of Spirit can be found at Caverns of our Hearts.


11 responses

  1. Hasini

    You’ve been watching the “L-Word” again, haven’t you?

    Pretty hot and sweet! Baby’s first femmeslash fic – YAY! Keep it up!

    Nitpick: punctuation needs work.

    You make me want to write Lois Lane/ Catwoman.

    November 26, 2009 at 4:43 pm

  2. 🙂 The ending was so cute!

    November 26, 2009 at 6:29 pm

  3. sabbyaz

    Yeah, you know what I think 😀

    November 27, 2009 at 5:51 am

  4. darkangelruki

    aww happy ending 🙂 very impressive missy!
    love it.

    November 27, 2009 at 7:06 am

  5. ahem, well…. erm… lets just say my heart rate was nowhere near normal values during the proofing… hehe..

    no thanks necessary, its the least i could do 🙂 this is awesome stuff (thats gonna get better 😉 ) so do keep @ it


    November 27, 2009 at 4:15 pm

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  7. Chavie

    that was brilliant… and really cute! 🙂

    November 28, 2009 at 4:20 am

  8. aerondight

    The second coming of the L-word??? Great writing! Keep it up.
    And Errrr…hope things get more steamier. 🙂

    November 28, 2009 at 7:06 pm

  9. Thanks guys. *blushes*


    November 29, 2009 at 2:06 am

  10. Purple

    Yay, I love happy lesbian endings, damn Mulholland Drive!

    I see potential 🙂 do let me know if you’re ever looking to get published yeah

    March 11, 2011 at 12:38 am

    • You didn’t read the sequal? It’s called Cavern of our hearts. The password-protected one 🙂

      March 11, 2011 at 8:15 am

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