Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Affinity to the Sea

The Bare Skin on her Back

Continued from Curtains dancing to the Breeze

As she moaned, biting her lower lip harder to keep her from screaming out her need to be touched. She bit until the pain grew numb and her lip was swollen. With her downcast lids, her eyes were now watching his every move. Peering through the corners, she could see him slightly moving further down, teasing the lacy piece of lingerie, tweaking the strap with his teeth, attempting to lower it and let it fall over her shoulder. With a final tug, the material did just so, it fell like a petal parting a rose, lazily flowing down her silky shoulder to meet halfway from her arm. She felt it loosen and attempted to put the strap in its rightful order, but he would not have it her way.

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Curtains dancing to the Breeze

Continued from Black Sheets and The Sea


He had walked away into the darkness, but he hadn’t walked far. Standing close to the curtains, looking out into the night, the moonlight framed his every move. She wondered where his thoughts lay, whether he was here in this very room or miles away, lost in thought. Slowly she gathered the black silk sheets and raised her legs over the bed and let her toes touch the floor. She slowly ascended off the bed, her curls lapping on her back, and the sheets making soft sounds as she slowly tiptoed towards him. He didn’t hear approach him. She stopped moving towards him, and watched him for a second, the moonlight glistening in his eyes. Then she moved further, her hand touching his shoulder, beckoning him to turn towards her.


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Black Sheets & the Sea

The waves resounded off the walls, in a darkened room. A lonely house, filled with nothing but darkness, but held the light of the candles that danced upon the walls of one sole room, a room where the curtains flirted with the slight breeze that brought in the sound of the nearby sea.

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