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Protected: Caverns of our Hearts

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Tears Over Coffee

Part I of Kinship of Spirit

The door bell rang. Miths made her way through her apartment’s living area, towards the door, and looked through the peep hole. She saw a familiar head of hair, looking downwards. The curls were slightly visible, she knew who that was. Christy.

She unbolted the door, opened it and held it slighty ajar with her hand on the inside knob. Christy raised her head, at the suddenness of the door opening. She stood there, in her jeans, button down shirt, heels and the over-sized handbag she lugged around with her. She looked as if she’d gotten there in a hurry. She had forgotten to apply her coat of lip gloss, something she always does, though she’d forgotten it now. Miths slowly looked at her watch. It was past 1 o’clock. “Wasn’t she supposed to be at work?”, she thought.




This I dedicate to The Unsilent.  He continues to be one hell of a great friend and has touched my life in many ways. This is for you.


Droplets of water fell heavier onto the earth from the clouds above. The more it rained the more the night grew darker, longer and more silent. They made their way home, to her house in the downpour. Sadly, the rain didn’t aid her in her state of confusion and his of silence. There, they sat, in their predefined places of seating, she on the left, and he on the right. Her hands lay on her lap and while his right hand was on the wheel and the other had made its permanent abode for the journey on the gear shift. He always preferred it that way, and she didn’t mind it. She had always found his form of driving exciting, there was something quite enthralling about it.


Protected: Mother’s Love

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The Bare Skin on her Back

Continued from Curtains dancing to the Breeze

As she moaned, biting her lower lip harder to keep her from screaming out her need to be touched. She bit until the pain grew numb and her lip was swollen. With her downcast lids, her eyes were now watching his every move. Peering through the corners, she could see him slightly moving further down, teasing the lacy piece of lingerie, tweaking the strap with his teeth, attempting to lower it and let it fall over her shoulder. With a final tug, the material did just so, it fell like a petal parting a rose, lazily flowing down her silky shoulder to meet halfway from her arm. She felt it loosen and attempted to put the strap in its rightful order, but he would not have it her way.

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