Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Love in the Morning

Whisper in the dark,
reaching for your heart,
feel the warmth surround me,
as you envelopes my arms

Nuzzle my neck,
feel my pulse against your lips,
find the rhythm of my chest,
let it echo in your head

Come a little closer,
feel my back arch against your touch,
feel you against my body,
sending shivers to shock my heart

Whisper in my ear,
eyes closed you’re all I hear,
say what you want, do what you will,
make me forget every worry,
you’re all I feel

Find the ache that’s calling out your name,
a little closer, we’ve found our embrace,
search in every corner,
find the treasure let it rest

Look a little deeper,
keep going, you’re nearly there.
This journey is just beginning,
you have me, all of me,
take it all and keep it dear

The morning has come,
we’ve found our path,
it’s time to get moving,
the day has begun.

Soulful stares,
with warmth on my lips,
my heart lingers and steams
yet the longing is deep

A wonder,
an endless flight
will take you over
to the other side.

A calling,
a yearning deep within,
I wouldn’t dare to know it
without it set free


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