Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Journeying On…

Driving endlessly toward the target,
twenty-thirty minutes due north,
in a blinded sea of fog without a purpose,
just a location set on course to a place where we must get to or else fate will have no mercy.

You were destined to be there,
destined to have gotten into that car,
destined to know those very things to say,
destined to know which buttons to push.

Co-ordinates set and ready to go,
the road was marred with potholes,
scars of tales of survival for those who secretly passed down words of wisdom
and to the longing of those who wished to tread this path least trodden.

And now you are on your way passing those very Sequoia trees,
mansions of natures telling tales of centuries past,
secrets of success or sorrow,
but nevertheless wisdom and knowledge that many do seek.

Whilst you journey
in your comfortable cocoon of air condition,
you will find yourself at a destination once unknown to you.
OneĀ travelled a mile too many to count.

A worthy destination,
a locale close to your heart,
one that will change your life,
the future.

And when you arrive your past will realise,
that lessons learnt was that of a life lived
with a purpose to an unnamed destination
that has now a label with your initials and a surname to match yours.

You have arrived,
your legacy has been made in those very potholes,
in the road taken, in the glory of the vessel,
in the black box of your passage through time.

Fate decided,
and you answered its call,
dutifully and naturally you conquered
and now its time to move on.

Life is a journey. That’s all I can say.

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