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A dedication…

She was there to hold my hand, to laugh with me when times were such and cry with me when my heart broke. She was there when I retched day in and day out, sick to my stomach, unable to make it through. She was there when my heartĀ  shattered into a millionĀ  pieces, when the man I loved left me for another. She was there in an instant, like lighting, to make sure that I was safe and loved. Her heart broke when I made the wrong decision, and yet she prayed that I would find the way. She knew better than not to question me when I was stubborn, she knew me well enough to know the angel within. She knew me, she knows me and she always will.

She has been around since the day I was born, and only absent when I left her, for another land. She’s always been around, throughout my life, and that’s all I’ll ever really ask for, in her. We’ve had our disagreements, but always made up soon after.And that’s what makes this the best relationship to date. To be bonded, to be linked, and most importantly to be loved. By another so like you, yet unlike you, and in the end to know that you have someone who cares for you as deeply as you do her.

I love you for who you are, and what you are to me, for being my sister.

I love you, Ruks.

Here’s to a new year, a new leaf, a new life.