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Oh the Randomness

How’s it hanging folks. Men, please don’t answer that, for I don’t think I want to know how your bits are hanging. However, I would love to know how your days have been. Been good for all of you? Well if it has, then that’s a jolly good thing.

How have I been you ask? Ah, a little bit under the weather, but that’s quite expected of yours truly. I am known to be one of those medical enigmas, I strive for the title. Ah, not really. Sickening feeling this sickness be. I for one being the hyperactive bunny that I am, hate being the weakling I’ve come to be. This stomach of mine needs a transplant. One of those Gastric Bypass Surgeries or even Bariatric Surgery, though I’m not obese. I used to be bullied that I used to be, but whatever man. Stomach, I’m not talking to you, so THERE!