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This Christmas, I made my way to the outskirts of Sinharaja Forest with my  family and stayed at a lovely boutique hotel by the name of Boulder Garden.

Known as an Eco hotel, the establishment which was designed by Lalyn Collure received the Geoffrey Bawa Award 2007/2008 for Excellence in Architecture.

I fell in love with the place on sight.

The environment was cool and soothing, and the place was beautiful, natural, breathtaking.

More captures can be found here, at my Flickr page. Whilst more information about the hotel can be found at its official site –

Central London from a Ferry..

Central London from a ferry.. , originally uploaded by Dininda.

A beautiful capture of the Central London skyline by Dininda Paranahewa. Take in the London Eye, Big Ben as well as the Old Parliament, along with the marvellous colours in its midst.

Blue Water Ladies…

In the midst of being surrounded by CIM notes, text books, a laptop and papers on my bed, I realised I needed to stretch my legs, and I did just that. I found that my mother had purchased Rs.250 worth of blue water lilies and they were just dumped into the glass vase she borrowed from my room.

I, being the detail freak that I am, couldn’t just let it be like that. All thrown together, no coordination, no oomph oozing out, like all those other beautiful flower arrangements worthy of being splashed on the covers of many Flora & Foliage magazines. No, sir, this little baby needed a makeover, and I was more than willing to give it to her. So, I got to work. Let my fingers do the tweaking, the lining and a lot of other boring things. But, however, I did find out that my flower arranging skills hadn’t left me. They were still loyal to me, as ever before.

After many alterations and a couple of fixes here and there, I was satisfied with the beautiful lilies. My much caressed lilies. I did give it the loving it deserved, and hey I did tell the bunch, that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder, and boy I sure did behold it.

I returned to my designated study area, i.e. my bed, after the little rendezvous I had with the lovely ladies, I mean lilies. But, then suddenly I started twitching. I needed to capture the beauty of my lovely arrangement. And who else could have helped me with my need to capture them, before they graced and bowed out beautifully, but my trusty point and shoot camera, the Old Girl herself: Olympus C170.  I got to work, again. Behold, go on, take a peek at the lovely things.

Originals are in 2288 x 1712 resolution. 6mm, F/2.8. Shot at ISO-50 in 1/15 sec.

Today’s Quote – Life

A quote to live by…

“You can vitally influence your life from within by auto-suggestion. The first thing each morning, and the last thing each night, suggest to yourself specific ideas that you wish to embody in your character and personality. Address such suggestions to yourself, silently or aloud, until they are deeply impressed upon your mind.”

Grenville Kleiser

By Mystik-Rider

By Mystik-Rider