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Life is a Rollercoaster?

So the last 24 hours have been somewhat of a roller-coaster.

The ones that start really well, anticipation building up when you slowly but definitely get to the top of the first steep plunge of the ride. Yes, well after the plunge, your senses go on overdrive and while screaming “OMFCG Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and then reverting to “OMG GET ME OUT OF HERE” and then finally settling “THAT WAS AWESOME, I can’t feel my legs”. Well, I think feeling has come back to my legs by now. Thanks, shall we proceed? Yes? Jolly Good!



Not Broken…

You know how free, safe, warm, and right you feel when the storm is over and the sea is calm again. I feel that way now. Because now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I know that because, when I listen to beautiful songs I couldn’t bear to listen to before I don’t feel my cheeks wet with salty tears, I don’t feel my heart breaking into millions pieces, my love wasted on a soul who didn’t give a damn and wasted my emotions, my feelings, my love for nothing.


Freaky Friday- 2012 & Eclipses

So, I went to watch 2012, again last Friday. I paid more attention than last, and oh boy did I pay attention. Also, I discovered that the first time around, we had missed out at least 5-10 minutes of the movie. Savoy had the longest queue that day. Sad really. We sat in the middle section, first row too. And did we giggle. PseudoRandom and I did for sure *winks at PR*.

Apart from the world coming to an end, and signs that said “Repent, the end is nigh” – which I do believe. I strongly believe that 2012 is a possibility. Will we have super cool arks which are supported by not-so-sturdy locks, well I don’t think so. Will we all die because we can’t afford the €1,000,000,000 ticket prices?  I don’t think so, but if it comes to that let’s hope that temporary inflation occurs and we would indeed be able to afford it. I know, I’m making a mockery out of our monetary system, I think we should, it’s mockful!


Oh the Randomness

How’s it hanging folks. Men, please don’t answer that, for I don’t think I want to know how your bits are hanging. However, I would love to know how your days have been. Been good for all of you? Well if it has, then that’s a jolly good thing.

How have I been you ask? Ah, a little bit under the weather, but that’s quite expected of yours truly. I am known to be one of those medical enigmas, I strive for the title. Ah, not really. Sickening feeling this sickness be. I for one being the hyperactive bunny that I am, hate being the weakling I’ve come to be. This stomach of mine needs a transplant. One of those Gastric Bypass Surgeries or even Bariatric Surgery, though I’m not obese. I used to be bullied that I used to be, but whatever man. Stomach, I’m not talking to you, so THERE!


Invasions, Colours, Work & Thresholds

INVADERS. IN MY ROOM. I HAVE BEEN EXILED FROM MY ROOM. DAMN INVADERS! Taking away my window frames, and now my ROOM. My Empire is lost. To SAW DUST! But, behold the secret plans for the rebellion – here! *insert evil laugh*.

I’ve been relocated to the Green Room. Green, Apple Green for that matter. So simple, so pastel, so close to the gate and the road. I was fine at the back-end of the house. All I could hear were the dogs and the cats barking and meowing. More cats than dogs, and these cats, they fought like cats and dogs. You’d think being from the same species they’d have some sort of civility, but oh no, they gotta bring the house down. Well my roof anyway, in the middle of the night, or morning (that’s when I fall asleep). All I hear now is the gate opening. Mind you,  that gate creaks, no shrieks when opened. It’s so LOUD.  But it gives me a viewpoint of the lane, but I can’t be bothered getting up from my bed to become a busy body. I’m fine watching my TV show marathons. But seriously, some people do sleep you know, when they eventually fall into La La Land. But, I miss my Purple Room. It’s darkness, its shelter. I miss my pillow fortress. I miss my bed too. Poor bed, it hasn’t had my warmth. I wonder how it’s doing, saw dust and all. * wipes away tear* I’ll be back soon Purples.

So, it’s Friday. Wait, no it’s not! It’s Thursday. I wish it was Friday though. I don’t know why though. Maybe then I could say “Thank God It’s Friday”, like all you employed folks, but I wouldn’t have any incentive to say it because, I am indeed unemployed. Yep, at home, dirt poor, while cob webs are being spun by darn spiders (Sorry Maks – I don’t mean you,I absolutely adore you) in my bank account.

BUT, never-mind that. By next week I’ll be up and running. If anyone has seen the video of me literally bouncing off the walls of my university, then you’ll know how hyperactive I can get. At such times, padded rooms are a definite plus, too bad I’m still mentally sound enough to actually be bouncing off brick walls.

Aaaaah employment. I’ve never been a person who could stay still. Though unemployment came to me by a forced decision (due to my illness) and since the 8 doctors who’ve tried helping me can’t really help me, I’ve decided to go back to being a vegetarian, in hope that the stomach will appreciate all the sacrifices I’ve made.  But I’m not giving up my coffee addiction, no sir. =) I need it, I cannot be me with out it. It brings out the essence of yours truly, whatever that may be.

However, sadly I think I might be developing a resistance to coffee, at least it’s effects. I guess I should move up to Black Coffee from just Milk Coffee.  Cause you see, with all the medication I’ve taken, I think I’ve developed a threshold for substance abuse.  Medications are some form of drug substance, thus I’m calling it that.  Oh well, when that happens, I’m just going to turn it up a notch. *Cue the evil laughter, Coughs*

I feel rather disconnected from everything. Maybe it’s the effects of re-entering vegetarianism again, but who cares yeah? Catchya later folks. Happy Thai Pongal!

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