Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

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This Christmas, I made my way to the outskirts of Sinharaja Forest with my  family and stayed at a lovely boutique hotel by the name of Boulder Garden.

Known as an Eco hotel, the establishment which was designed by Lalyn Collure received the Geoffrey Bawa Award 2007/2008 for Excellence in Architecture.

I fell in love with the place on sight.

The environment was cool and soothing, and the place was beautiful, natural, breathtaking.

More captures can be found here, at my Flickr page. Whilst more information about the hotel can be found at its official site –

Stoned Sugar

Ever had a shower in the rain, with the sky above you and stone walls all around you? A garden shower, open to the sky.

Open, naked, free.

Did you feel the water fall upon your head, drop by drop, then cascading down your face, your nudity, down below, to meet with stone.  Whilst the water flows through your body, like the soothing sugar that has flowed through your lungs into the blood stream taking over the power you possess, letting go, surrealism taking over, the water takes you away. The water becomes you and you become the water.

Then the wind pays a visit, and chills run down your spine, taking leadership over water, and you catch a glimpse of sunlight in your eye. Amidst the water and the breeze, the sunbeams blind you, and the wind rushes through your wet hair.

You are naked, vulnerable, fetal.

With darkness resounding, the wind and water take over once more, and yet you see nothing, your eyes have been shielded by your eye lids, and darkness has become you. Yet, the power struggle continues, the wind and the water. Soothing coolness or stinging chills. Emerging out of thin air, you at your most vulnerable form, you are in the middle of a battle that would take you under, and away from worldly woes, if you succumb to it.

As you circle the depths of the power that emerges, you begin to struggle for the air the sugar has stolen. Engulfed in the powers of two elements, your hands grope for something to grab onto, but all you catch is puff of wind, that disintegrates on touch.

But, as you detach from the water, the wind loses sight of you, and all you feel is coldness, the coldness of stone on skin. And as the cold takes you under its wings, it takes you away from the chills and the darkness. Your blindness gone, realisation dawning, to the fact you are bare, naked, reborn. A new life before you, you emerge, taking a step forward, unsure.

Tumbling against the walls that hold you high, you make your way to your destination, that’s higher towards the clouds, above the boulders, above the rocks, above the foliage. More sure of your stead, your body than before. You take in the surroundings as touch takes you places you’ve never been before, you feel things you’ve never felt before, and that emotion is taking over you, the sugar has intoxicated you.

You are not you.

You are more.

It’ll take you higher, flying. You have wings, like that of an eagle, a falcon, a phoenix,  you soar. And then you will be at the top with the beckoning sound of promise, as it calls you further towards the edge, the edge where risk and adrenaline lie.

The promise will tell you stories of wonder and light. With the darkness that has engulfed your mind, light is what you long for. Tumbling towards the edge you go, each step more sure than the last, you jump, into an endless pit, of betrayal that is as deep as your longing and you fall forever but one.

And then, you are gone, cleansed, yet alone. Just you, and the sugar that’s been dissolved into your very soul.

By TheTruthSeeker