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Starry Sunday

I was lucky enough to meet a really great friend, who in the last couple of months has been there constantly for me and been an absolute darling.  I hope I can be as great a friend to you as you are to me.

Thanks Dili, for everything, along with helping me with this when I needed advice.


She lay alone, on her sofa, in anxiety. Her mind was absorbed with a million things, a million possibilities, a million thoughts. Ravaging all the happiness of her solace, the devil was playing tricks on her and finally she succumbed to her evil thoughts. She had tried so hard in the time that had elapsed, to become what they perceived her to be. Normal, thoughtful and and smile away, like she always had been, before the world turn black again. But with recent events, that had become too hard, too cumbersome. She had given in to the evil that was spreading in her, the darkness that made her desolate. Depression had caught on, and she let go, completely. With all these transformations, what she missed was her smile and the way her eyes twinkled. The last month had been tough, tougher than her childhood. Her childhood had taught her many things, one was the art of deception, and how not to let her feelings show to the world. But then she faltered, to a man she believed she loved.



Curtains dancing to the Breeze

Continued from Black Sheets and The Sea


He had walked away into the darkness, but he hadn’t walked far. Standing close to the curtains, looking out into the night, the moonlight framed his every move. She wondered where his thoughts lay, whether he was here in this very room or miles away, lost in thought. Slowly she gathered the black silk sheets and raised her legs over the bed and let her toes touch the floor. She slowly ascended off the bed, her curls lapping on her back, and the sheets making soft sounds as she slowly tiptoed towards him. He didn’t hear approach him. She stopped moving towards him, and watched him for a second, the moonlight glistening in his eyes. Then she moved further, her hand touching his shoulder, beckoning him to turn towards her.


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