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Bring on the Happyness <3

I think I can safely say that I’m so bloomingly over the moon right now, that a blooming flower blooming over a full moon high on substance couldn’t possibly express the glee I’m feeling right about now. Yes, I know that it didn’t make sense, but Meh, sue me, I’m happy (please don’t, thank you very much)!

You are the reason for this happiness, and I would happily blame you for this punch-drunk grin on my face. The word “blame”  even sounds so bad to me, and I don’t want it to be bad bad or sad sad, all I wanna be is Bamm Bamm happy.

Yes, I’m happy. Over the moon happy, and I really don’t wanna jinx it, but in the meantime nothing is really keeping me from screaming on top of my lungs on top of the tallest thing residing in the building (gets ready to climb the roof). So yes, I am happy *knocks on wood* I think we’ve established that fact already!

The last week, has been the happiest.  I think I’ve lived a rather sad life if I said it was the happiest ever, so I won’t do my happy moments any injustice, and I’d go along and say that they’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a very very long time. And I’m not complaining. Bring on the happiness I say, and heck let’s spread it. It’s on the house!

Also, up until now, my life changing milestones had a direct correlation with my hair. I think my hair received a very bad deal last time, I mean cutting it off that short, after growing it for so long and at the length it reached (it was a first for me people -the length), and cutting it to signify a change and then when that change actually not sticking was after-all a bad idea. Since then I realised that I love my hair a bit more than I thought I did. So, for no regrets and for a change, I did something significant, I took pictures. One picture is the one I’ve attached below. I love photography, it’s close to my heart and with every picture I’ve taken, I’ve had no regrets so far, so in that light, here’s my lily.

To new beginnings, to happiness, to the Loony Bin 🙂 Cheers. ❤

Blue Water Ladies…

In the midst of being surrounded by CIM notes, text books, a laptop and papers on my bed, I realised I needed to stretch my legs, and I did just that. I found that my mother had purchased Rs.250 worth of blue water lilies and they were just dumped into the glass vase she borrowed from my room.

I, being the detail freak that I am, couldn’t just let it be like that. All thrown together, no coordination, no oomph oozing out, like all those other beautiful flower arrangements worthy of being splashed on the covers of many Flora & Foliage magazines. No, sir, this little baby needed a makeover, and I was more than willing to give it to her. So, I got to work. Let my fingers do the tweaking, the lining and a lot of other boring things. But, however, I did find out that my flower arranging skills hadn’t left me. They were still loyal to me, as ever before.

After many alterations and a couple of fixes here and there, I was satisfied with the beautiful lilies. My much caressed lilies. I did give it the loving it deserved, and hey I did tell the bunch, that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder, and boy I sure did behold it.

I returned to my designated study area, i.e. my bed, after the little rendezvous I had with the lovely ladies, I mean lilies. But, then suddenly I started twitching. I needed to capture the beauty of my lovely arrangement. And who else could have helped me with my need to capture them, before they graced and bowed out beautifully, but my trusty point and shoot camera, the Old Girl herself: Olympus C170.  I got to work, again. Behold, go on, take a peek at the lovely things.

Originals are in 2288 x 1712 resolution. 6mm, F/2.8. Shot at ISO-50 in 1/15 sec.