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Happy Goat-ey aka Percy


I like this game…

… and you know, I like you too, a lot. I think it’s cute that Ammi is giving me relationship advice and telling me what I shouldn’t do. This bonding thing is quite something, and I have you to thank for it. ❤

And from the insane conversations we have, to the random “Hi” and the sweetest things you do, I am floored, more each day than the last and I can’t help smiling like a Cheshire cat, cos baby, order or no order, I have no control over it.

I’ve been smiling more, living more and my heart has a beat that I thought had died last year. You are an awesome, awesome person, many kinds of wunderbar in one. ❤


Bring on the Happyness <3

I think I can safely say that I’m so bloomingly over the moon right now, that a blooming flower blooming over a full moon high on substance couldn’t possibly express the glee I’m feeling right about now. Yes, I know that it didn’t make sense, but Meh, sue me, I’m happy (please don’t, thank you very much)!

You are the reason for this happiness, and I would happily blame you for this punch-drunk grin on my face. The word “blame”  even sounds so bad to me, and I don’t want it to be bad bad or sad sad, all I wanna be is Bamm Bamm happy.

Yes, I’m happy. Over the moon happy, and I really don’t wanna jinx it, but in the meantime nothing is really keeping me from screaming on top of my lungs on top of the tallest thing residing in the building (gets ready to climb the roof). So yes, I am happy *knocks on wood* I think we’ve established that fact already!

The last week, has been the happiest.  I think I’ve lived a rather sad life if I said it was the happiest ever, so I won’t do my happy moments any injustice, and I’d go along and say that they’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a very very long time. And I’m not complaining. Bring on the happiness I say, and heck let’s spread it. It’s on the house!

Also, up until now, my life changing milestones had a direct correlation with my hair. I think my hair received a very bad deal last time, I mean cutting it off that short, after growing it for so long and at the length it reached (it was a first for me people -the length), and cutting it to signify a change and then when that change actually not sticking was after-all a bad idea. Since then I realised that I love my hair a bit more than I thought I did. So, for no regrets and for a change, I did something significant, I took pictures. One picture is the one I’ve attached below. I love photography, it’s close to my heart and with every picture I’ve taken, I’ve had no regrets so far, so in that light, here’s my lily.

To new beginnings, to happiness, to the Loony Bin 🙂 Cheers. ❤


I find myself smiling for no reason, in the most hilarious circumstances. Everytime I reach for the phone, I’m hoping it’s you, and when it is, it’s so evident to the people around me that there’s a difference in me. The girl I work with gives me this look, but doesn’t say anything. I find myself blaring music, jumping on the bed dancing, and I can happily blame you for all of it.  I find myself smiling even when I’m doing the most dullest of chores, whether it’s making tea or ironing my clothes, I’m humming a little song and there’s a tiny bounce in my every step. Yep, definitely and happily blaming you for it all…

Every call, every text, every word, every <3, you melt my heart. The cynic in me, I have no idea what happened to her. I’m completely floored by you, and there’s not one minute I don’t think about you…

I’m finding it hard to tell you in person, and maybe it’s too soon to say… or maybe I’m a wee bit scared…But I hope you know what this means…

“The day we met was like a hit and run”…

…”we’re spinning on a roller coaster ride”

Love is…

  1. … my grandmother and grandfather. 
  2. … HUGS. The Warm, Soft, Fluffy, Long Kind.
  3. … the feeling you get when you see a close friend you haven’t seen in a while
  4. … the shriek that is followed by that feeling when you meet with them
  5. … running towards each other like one of those corny Hindi movies from the 70s or 80s, following shriek.
  6. … being lifted up by a darling friend, and twirled 360 degrees on the beach at 2 in the morning
  7. … walking miles in the company of great friends, the aching muscles and tiredness the next day is worth every minute of it
  8. … looking into his eyes, and letting it speak for you.
  9. … hugging someone that special way, knowing that a  hug will comfort them to no ends.
  10. … being held, because sometimes all we need is that, especially to save ourselves. 
  11. … saving a little birdy from being slaughtered by cats and letting it fly after rubbing its head awhile
  12. … Zoffy.
  13. … Phoenix.
  14. … cart wheeling at Independence Square.
  15. … having a “Sandwich Factory” dinner at Independence Square
  16. … doing a  TING (my girls would know *wink)
  17. … seeing one of your batch mates married off. To a really nice man.
  18. … the beach
  19. … the sea
  20. … lovely hairbands
  21. … Boleros
  22. … jeans. the low boot and skinny kind.
  23. … dancing the night away. With one heck of a great friend.
  24. … street racing down Galle Road at 2a.m.
  25. … my birthday week. surprises and all. OMG You GUYS!
  26. … my special leaf. Lots of love in that.
  27. … when you find that thing you’ve lost
  28. … smelling my hair
  29. … being high on life
  30. … being high on coffee, sugar and RedBull
  31. … photography.
  32. … lying in each others arms.
  33. … smiling with your eyes
  34. … independence
  35. … walking around town, just because you can.
  36. … doggies
  37. … also kitties.
  38. … coffee.
  39. … pigging out on Black Forest Cake with your mates, and eating every last bit of it.
  40. … the insane Lunch Room times.
  41. … the Taj car park session at the onstage 2nd prellies ’08 with RealSkullZero, A, M and Nils. 
  42. … Dancing for no apparent reason, to the dorkiest song on earth.
  43. … water fights.
  44. … pillow fights.
  45. … holding his pinky finger, the way a new born baby would for the first time. 
  46. … babies.
  47. … security.
  48. … driving with an awesome friend who is also a super cool driver. 
  49. … being rescued by said friend in the middle of the night after losing my head and going the wrong way.
  50. … PURPLE.
  51. … Jensen Ackles.
  52. … second chances. 
  53. … being there for them no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT!
  54. … that day in June. 
  55. … kisses on the forehead. 
  56. … holding your hand.
  57. … not letting any object break that invisible bond as you walk side by side
  58. … talking on the phone for hours, not realising the time
  59. … that look in your eyes.
  60. … spending ages making cards and gifts.
  61. … window shopping with the girls. never buying anything.
  62. … great fan fiction. Sarah Rees Brennan FTW.
  63. … is Dreaming. Like James Dean said. Dream as if you’ll live forever; Live as if you’ll die today. 
  64. … Friendship.
  65. … Happiness.
  66. … Knowing that Mother loves me. 
  67. The Hikka Pact.

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