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Dreaming of life…

I have often been marred by nightmares. Actually, more often than I please. They would haunt me every night.  Even an afternoon nap would turn dark and the best part is that I remember them in great detail, and let me tell you they were dark. But not anymore.

Since of late, I cannot wait to fall asleep and dream, because when I close my eyes, the only thing I think of is you, and when dreams come, I see you. Tall, broad, like a pillar you’d stand and I’d be awed.  Conversations feel so real, I sometimes puzzle myself, I truly do. Because, when I wake, it’s as if I never left reality, because everything seemed so real. Everything down to the way you would stand in front of me, and say “Hi“. And I would adore you for it.

So much has changed. December was truly a turnaround. The passing of  2009 went up with the fireworks my Dad lit up (like a little kid, he loves his fireworks), while Mother and I were looking into the open hearth and the pot of milk that wouldn’t boil fast enough. I like playing with fire. I know I shouldn’t, then again no-one ever said I’m normal. The milk did boil, and it spilled North bound. Apparently, that’s a good omen. I don’t know,  I never did pay attention to old wives’ tales.

I’ve gone back to the person I know I am.  And the best part is that, my positive thinking is back, as well as my love for cooking, especially Italian (I made pasta today, with homemade tomato puree). Also, I’m going back to being a vegetarian. I guess this year, I’m going to love myself more, because by doing so, I’ll appreciate life. Let’s face it, Life IS awesome.

I’m off to gorge on more Pasta and home-made tomato puree…

Sunset Moments

As she watched him from afar, she could only think about how those strong and beautiful hands held her tight, how the sheer touch sent sensations through her body and resting themselves in the corners of her body.

She smiled to herself as she saw him furrow his brows in deep concentration as he talked on the phone, the way he rested his hands on his hips when in annoyance only to relieve them instantaneously in a gesture similiar to that of trying to prove something of credibility to the invisible person in front of him as he whispered audibly about that seemed to have made him furious with rage and frustration.

As he hung up on the caller, he rudely made his way through the people across the hall towards her. While she watched his approaching figure, she let her fingers run through her hair, and  went back to the books that lay in front of her.

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