Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!


Hello World.

How’s it been? Long time, no see. Sadly, it is my fault, and well I apologise, profusely. Once training is over along with my exams, I shall surface on a more regular routine, and maybe even complete the 20 something drafts just lying around. Yes, more for that I say.

Now let’s see, what’s been happening?

Well, my allergies keep coming back and biting me in the behind. Like so! :S I think it’s time, I actually drank those 3 bottles which are collecting dust in my pantry. They would basically fix all the toxicities inside of me, maybe it’ll flush out the devil as well, the bastards been out to get me since 1987. *shakes fist at ground* You scathing little red fiend, BURN!

Also, here’s a note from my skin.

Dear Mother Nature,

I don’t find it amusing that you decide on when we shall have rain, and when we shan’t. Do you realise that it is HARD to sit in a room of machines, with limited ventilation, stressing out about what I’m doing (which is sewing – it’s part of the training at work (apparel company). This also in office clothes. WHEN have office clothes been very warmth-friendly. Please send rain, lots and lots of rain. I wouldn’t even mind a mini ecological bubble, so I can step into it. I would prefer one with rain, then sunshine (to dry said rain), a wee bit of wind (maybe a slight breeze) and occasional snow (oh you know how I love the snow, I would like to catch snowflakes on my tongue like I used to, many eons ago).

Also, thank you for the wee bit of rain last night and this morning. I (and most of Sri Lanka) appreciate it and wish for more (give our best to the Rain Gods).

AND, I should say, the sun’s looking mighty fine these days. Round and bright and all. Maybe the clouds could take the ramp and strut their fluff around too? Please do pass on my compliments, they certainly looked fine in Ella this April, I kinda miss them you see (hint hint).

AND FYI, your moody weather isn’t helping my allergies. Please smile, or cry. Just don’t be bitter and be so hard on us.


Yours unbearably,
Pav’s Skin.

And one more;

Dear Long Sharp Nails,

PLEASE CUT THEM. You don’t work with the allergies.

Yours in pain,
Pav’s Skin.

So that’s that on the Allergy front. Let’s move on shall we?

Remember my concussion? Well,Β  my eye sight is WORSE, whilst my hearing is disoriented. So much for my attempts at seeing clearer. I shan’t be singing “I Can See Clearly Now” because my sight basically mimics perpetual rain. If it was actually raining, I wouldn’t be complaining so much. Sigh. And the Wheeze, dude. I’ve come so close to passing out. Wasn’t as bad as the time where I hyperventilated and had fallen in the loo (thank god for fluffy floor mats and VERY clean washrooms – I was on the floor when I came to). I’ve an appointment with a doctor about inhalers and I’m seeing my mother about the eye sight ( yes, I’ve to make an appointment to get my eye checked, from my own mother. That’s just how she rolls)

ANYWAYS, remember my job? Well, I’m a MT for an apparel company. The training program is basically nearly four months, and I’m 2 months into it, with my 15 fellow MTs. Now, this week we’ve been given the task to sew a trouser, because being in the apparel industry, we must know what it’s like to actually be on the shop floor yeah? Not to stereotype, but basically we turned into Juki Girls and Juki Boys. So, TODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I found out that the heat and lack of ventilation of the room we’re working in, aforementioned in note to Mother Nature by Pav’s Skin, makes people a wee bit loony or loonier than normal. Like for example, whilst being good little Juki girls and boys, this big-boned ( he prefers big-boned) dude comes out of nowhere and talks to me in a girly voice, and says “Haaaai Pavi” and I started laughing cos its so funny (I mean , his voice, it was impeccable). Then later on, when I around to his machine workstation, cos I was done with my work, GUESS what he was singing – “More than a woman! I don’t know, but I actually guffawed in his face, very rude and all, BUT he’s a good sport so yeah.. It should be mentioned that I love the Bee Gees, part of my upbringing you see… πŸ™‚ The rest of the day was spent with us signing along to songs, us sharing my headset off my phone, listening to the likes of “Chasing Cars“, “Champagne Supernova” and some other brilliant songs.

Yes, well talking about Work, I HATE condescending people, like the sewing instructor. She needs to be sent to school for talking to people properly, Maybe not treating them like dirt, like this other person who works with us. Sigh. the world’s full of them. One of the reasons why i’ve decided that I’ll cut people off if they get all condescending on me. I believe in faith, faith in myself, and the things I do and my beliefs. One, I don’t need anyone to tell me that what I believe to be right and correct, isn’tΒ  worthy, JUST because it doesn’t cater to your perception or liking. So there. You, Missy, can stick it wherever you like. Me, I don’t care for people who use me, and keep me around because it’s convenient. So, if you think you’ve got me fooled, think again. Also, shut your a-hole trap, and quit whining to people about your colleagues. You’ll diss them every chance you get. Call yourself s friend!?! GAH!Β  *use choice curses here* Okay, rant over *grumbles mumble, shakes fist at you*

AH, more on work. DID I mention that we got the chance to meet and semi-work with one of Sri Lanka’s top notch International Fashion Designers? OMG I met Dinesh Chandrasena, and he is AWESOME. He’s now the head designer for Georges Hobeika. Check out the designs here – My group had to present a customer profile for DIESEL, and in the midst of it all, I fell in love with their advertising campaign. Much love from moi. Here are a few;

Ah so, kinda long post noh? Got exams, and homework from WORK to do, and not enough time to do it. My hobbies and side projects seem to have taken a backseat, but I’m trying to keep it all together. To togetherness and insanity of mind! CHEERS!

Also, last but not least, never the least, there’s this boy you see, he’s got my heart ya know? And every time I think of him, a cheesier thought pops into my head. AND if I wasn’t so lactose intolerant, I would actually bite him off and have him for dinner, but sin noh, can’t do it to him, cos well, I adore the living pants off him. ‘Nuff Said. At least here, he has his own space, away from attempts to nauseate the world.

I’m kinda sleepy now, and I’ve most probably bored the living out of you’ll. So yeah, this recap was brought to you by my boredom and ultimate need to procrastinate, and well I missed the blog and thought it needed some lauing. I shall be back, post 10th June 2010. Adios people, have a great month πŸ™‚

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  1. Yeah machang “hohomada ithing?” It’s been good since we finished our exams and have a long, lazy two month vacation in our hand πŸ™‚ It’s not very boring since there are loads of blogs to read these days. You have three bottles? You have all that in one, you’ll be tripping in no time πŸ˜› Hope that will be better soon, and why don’t you take the medicine? *shakes head in disappointed* And yeah i read about the concussion, I thought i was accident prone, and I have broken most of what is to be broken πŸ˜› but shit, you rock πŸ˜› *sigh* really, take care men! Don’t fall in the Lu again:) Yes it’s raining and “I’m lovin it” :). Isn’t this great??? πŸ˜€ screw all the people who are control freaks!!!!! Oh wow, you met Chandrasena? I read about him in the papers not long ago. Would have been awesome noh? Love the adds, i saw it on FB also. Botha you are lucky to have each other, really, Honest! Hope the exams go well, you’ll do good, sirata. Have fun with the Jukki girls *rocking*. IO, long comment noh, what to do? :S


    May 14, 2010 at 9:16 am

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