Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Let’s live shall we?

There’s something truly heartwarming to see your favourite kitty (not so small anymore, he’s over a year old now), snuggled against your pillow on a rainy day, and while you look at him sleeping, he opens his eyes slightly, and meows in this tone that he only reserves for me. ❤ My Yellow Bird and I, we’ll always have each other ❤

Okay, so yeah. I have a rather fond affinity to my yellow and white male cat. He’s loving, he cuddly and best of all he wants me over everybody else, and makes me feel loved even though he always demands to sit between my hands while I’m typing something on the laptop. I get mad, but how could you be mad at such a cute furry ball of white and gold sunshine. His meow is as good as Zoff‘s nuzzle and whimper as he used to wake me up, very early in the morning. Though you can’t be replaced, maybe JT’s Archer can creep into my heart and take a permanent residence in it. I know that he’s as cute as it gets and hyper as a hyper ball of furry sunshine gets.

Also, there are those days where Mom gets really motherly and forbids me from taking any form of caffeine. I have to make such a fuss for the coffee I intake into my blood stream, I mean it IS my sole purpose of living (only kidding), but I remember a time where I had too much blood in my caffeine system, I smelled of coffee all day long and what bliss to smell like cocoa beans.

Anyways, during one of those times, my mother refused to buy me Redbull, even though I begged, pleaded and tried every trick in the book to cajole her into buying me one. But did she? Nope, she didn’t. BUT, one day, I came home tired as hell, and then  she wanted me to go with her to Kelaniya in the middle of the night, and I did (I wanted to, didn’t want her going alone in the night), and I remember falling asleep and I guess she saw how exhausted I was, and she knew that once I got home, I would be working as well, because I like being overworked and not thinking about life. Yes, I have never been good at confronting things that I can do without confronting.

So, yeah I take up projects or help out wherever I can, and SO, I get just a wee bit bonky. Did I mention I suffer from Insomnia? Yeah, so there are a few days in a month where I turn into an absolute zombie, sadly the night I had some deadlines was the same day i decided to turn into the walking undead. She knew about the workload, and on the way home, she didn’t even mutter a single syllable when I walked into the supermarket in my slouched and tired form, reached into the Redbull minibar-like-fridge-thing and took out a dazzling 265 worth can of Redbull. She didn’t and I think that was one of those days that my mother knew how much I cared about her, cos in the midst of my out-of-conscious state of sleepiness, I heard her tell the driver some nice things about me, and anyone who knows my mother, she rarely dishes out compliments or nice things about me (a firm believer in tough love she is). I felt really loved, and yes those are the kind of things I go absolutely mushy over. My mother, and her weird ways of showing me she loves me, like when she lets me buy Redbull and when she tells me to quit the extra work. Only if she knew that even though the work was killing me, other things weren’t. She’d understand if she knew, but I hope she never has to see the hurt in my heart. Oh well. Still, LAU my eccentric Mummy ❤

Last week, I wanted to combust. I was going “oh boy”, and “OMG just tell me” and then “OH HELL!” for a couple of reasons totally unrelated to each other, but today, I think I figured everything out. I guess somewhat I have to thank my buddy Fahad for that. He truly opened by eyes, and I know what I did was the right thing.  “Oh boy” was dealt accordingly based on the little advice he gave me (after I begged for some), “OMG just tell me” will have to wait, because sometimes waiting is a great thing, and something so great is worth waiting for, but whatever you and I are, you and I we’re always close, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. You advice me, you make me see the errors in my ways, and you make me want to be a better person, because you are, and that is a great thing.

Oh and “OH HELL!” was semi-dealt with, still processing, the work is helping, and Boo is too, as she always does, god I can’t wait till she’s back 🙂 23 days 🙂 ❤

In the last week, this someone , who makes me smiles and demands I do, found ways to make me smile more and more. If I could smile for all the reasons I wanted to smile about, and for every little thing that happened, I wouldn’t know where to start and where I stood, and where we all stood in the circle I have with the close friends in my life.So yeah, you make me smile, and with every “<3” you see, I see, we see, I smile, because it’s special to me.

Okay, so I think I got that out of my system, and I’m ready to study for my exam tomorrow. A little procrastination to get your head straightened never hurt anyone, and what better way to procrastinate (especially when the rainstorm forces me to disconnect my Internet) than to write and to watch the beautiful lighting streaks separating the skies in angry yet beautiful lashes of purple and white. I love watching lightning storms, as much as I love looking at the moon, serene sunsets, long drives, holding hands and the beach.

Have a good week all you beautiful beautiful people. The night is young, let’s live shall we?


4 responses

  1. “I had too much blood in my caffeine system…”
    I giggled at that and smiled at this “”So yeah, you make me smile, and with every “<3″ you see, I see, we see, I smile, because it’s special to me." because it was cute.

    So much emotion for such a tiny person.

    (P.S: Energy drinks are bad for women. Or so I heard. *cough*)
    (P.P.S: Awww…Yellowbird!!!)

    April 5, 2010 at 6:53 pm

  2. now this is the stuff I love to hear. Excellentamente 🙂 isn’t the rain awesome? im all happy again. let us liveth!! and if you will excuse me,i must go take your advice and go get wet in that rain storm outside. (yes I know its 9pm :D)

    April 5, 2010 at 8:47 pm

  3. Chavie

    awww! ❤ ❤ <3! 🙂

    A living we shall do! 😀 and 23 days!!! 😀 😀 we should all get together and do something!

    April 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm

  4. Jeez, girls are interested in red bull more than any of the boys! I don’t know why :S
    You should try “Wild elephant”, the cheaper version. Yes we’
    ll get together:D


    April 6, 2010 at 2:03 pm

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