Amongst the Thorns, She Fights!

Cocktails and a Dance Floor

You might ponder on the fact that life is made out of swans and butterflies, but in true realism, it is nothing but the emotions brought onto the world through the heart and the cravings of a body, it’s mind and at times it’s soul.

As you attempt to grasp the walls as you feel your body tremble against a slight tremor, you might feel the ground shake when you are intoxicated with pure orgasmic emotions, toppling to unfold all your senses and let it flow through you, ending the debacle with a sharp intake of breath and feeling of bedazzlement and utter satisfaction.

As I downed my 4th cocktails for the night, the Sex on the Sofa to be exact, I was craving nothing but the pure origin of the drink. As the vodka mingled with the essence of the other cocktails I had downed; a Screwdriver, a Cosmopolitan and a Vodka on the Rocks. I was left with nothing but with a pure joysgamic aura. I felt great. In my tiny skirt and glitzy cleavage top, I felt I was on top of the world.

With my bestfriend Holly and friend Jared in tow, I sat in the middle of the sofa. Holly, the girl I couldn’t keep my hands off all night. The very one dazzled me with her sexiness and her ability to always fit into anything beautiful so heavenly. Wearing a seductive heels, in her skinnyjeans and black number, I tugged at the strings that held it up. I kissed her cheek a couple of times, for the sheer joy in being there. My bestfriend, confidante and partner in absolutely every crime on this earth. She couldn’t stop looking at me like I couldn’t stop keeping my hands off her. It was a common thing among us, being so close, at times seeming like a lifetime. This bond was exemplified by public shows of affection, and not a care in the world who were watching. While I hugged her from behind and entwined my fingers through hers, we moved to the music. As our Jared watched us from the bar, swaying my hips to show him my moves and encircling my Holly as we moved to the music. Swaying me in front of her, I said “Let’s hit the dance floor Hols” while I reached for Jared’s hand, dragged him behind me.

Dancing was, is one of my favourite things in the world. I let myself flow free and become another. Mingling with the crowd of moving bodies, in sheer rhythm. It is one of the best feelings on Earth.

While on the dance floor, I was consumed by the sheer energy around me. With everyone moving to the rhythm of beats, and the swaying bodies, I felt a rush of warmth coming over me. As a mutual friend danced with Holly, Jared and I moved to the beat. With my back to him, and him holding my hips closer and closer, we danced and grinded to the music. As his hands moved to my thighs and touched my skin, I lifted my hand and reached behind to hold his head . Moving to the beat, and feeling his body pressing up against my back, he bit into my shoulder and gnawed my flesh gently. As I looked into his eyes, I turned to face him. With one hand on his shoulder, and one of his leg between mine, we moved our bodies in rhythm, becoming almost one. Sensually moving with his body, I looked into his eyes, he smiled coyly. While my hair rested mingling with the warmth of my face, the room became warmer. My legs started becoming weak as I felt my emotions take over. Almost automatically his hand lay on my hips as we moved together once more. Almost as one. We were close to being one. With the rising height of emotions, and the humidity in the room, I felt myself relax in pleasure. Yet in pain, of not relaxing into another, I let myself be taken away. I longed to be with another. But the pleasure of being, of letting go on a dance floor with a friend whilst we moved our bodies like water, I couldn’t help but bite my lip at the sheer adventure on the dance floor. I felt my face turn warm, and my eyes more watery, as he turned me around, I felt more and more alive. I couldn’t handle knowing I hadn’t felt this way in so long. As he supported my spine while I wrapped my arms around him, I let dreams become reality, to the rhythm, to the beat. I let out sharp of sorrow, and unexpectedly bit his neck. Gently at first, but rougher the next, but as reality dawned to me and heard the music around me, I opened my eyes, to see a hazy bite mark on Jared’s neck.

2 responses

  1. Perfect!
    though the last line is kinda… crap :/

    August 24, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    • Hehe thanks 🙂 Edited out the line 🙂

      August 24, 2009 at 5:18 pm

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